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As co-founder of DEI Consultants, LLC, Estrus Tucker has over 35 years experience

in leadership engagement, organizational development, program design,

nonprofit governance and strategic driven operations, with a focus on high

performance leadership in service of advancing diversity, inclusion and equity.


Estrus has served national and international clients in responsive roles such as

Executive Coach, Master Facilitator and Trainer, designing and leading engagements,

training and retreats in support of personal, professional & organizational renewal,

workforce development, transformational leadership and sustainable engagement. 


Estrus most recently served as the principal consultant with the City of Fort Worth’s 18 month Race and Culture Initiative, guiding and resourcing the City’s comprehensive efforts to advance Racial and Cultural Equity. The Fort Worth plan focused on Community Conversations, Assessment of Disparities, and Leadership Training. Estrus also serves as a Lead Facilitator, Faculty, Equity HUB Co-Chair and member of the National Leadership Team for the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) 100 Million Healthier Lives Initiative.


Estrus is a Vietnam-era Veteran, an ordained minister active in interfaith and ecumenical initiatives, and an alumnus of the University of Texas at Arlington (BS, Psychology), Leadership Fort Worth, and the John Ben Shepherd Texas Public Leadership Forum. Estrus is the recipient of the 2012 International Assoc. of Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA) Individual Achievement Award for his work and leadership in support of creative civic engagement and transformational leadership in Mississippi; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Cape town, S. Africa and Texas.


His mission is to inspire courage, integrity and compassion, and facilitate practices that promote human dignity, community belonging, nonviolent engagement and justice, in service of a world that works for all.


“There is an epidemic of businesses and organizations who settle for strategically naming noble values and inspiring principles, and promoting or hiring a diversity/equity champion as evidence of their commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Language and optics are very important but without culture change these reactive moves will prove to be cosmetic and counterproductive in the workplace and marketplace. Culture change is less about training and much more about deeply engaging people as key stakeholders in the enterprise. Relational trust and organizational integrity are often the neglected yet essential ingredients in sustaining human engagement, optimum performance, innovation and value. Financial incentives and titles are important but are actually low hanging fruit.”  ~Estrus

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